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About Vision Church

Vision Church is a Christian church sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ via online virtual worlds. We have been called into the world to share the gospel of Christ our lord and savior. In everything we do we bring honor and glory to our King.

Vision Church offers many things to our brothers and sisters in Christ. We hold weekly worship services, bible study, leadership classes and prayer groups. Vision Church seeks to offer resources and tools to uplift and empower our members.

And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. – Mark 16:15

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Church on the move for God!

Vision Church, Where we seek to be an Excellence ministry design to impact the whole person life. We believe that our being in the virtual platform can save souls and change lives. Our church is here to build the people up in the kingdom of God, To share the love of God in our fellowship and to Educate the people of God.

Our Church Timeline


Nov, 2009

Vision Church open a satellite church in IMVU.

Jan, 2010

Vision Church moved to the virtual world of Kaneva before there.com closed down.

Nov, 2010

Vision purchase The Center Dome ( Faith Dome) to allow more people in services.

April, 2011

Grand Opening service in Kaneva.

Feb, 2014

Pastor Mullins announced plans to leave Kaneva for Second Life.

July 2007

Open our first church in There.com

Jan, 2010

Vision Church leads other virtual churches in raising money for Haiti relief funds.

July, 2010

Pastor Mullins appointed leader of V.L.C

Dec, 2010

Groundbreaking for Praise Cathedral in Kaneva

Nov, 2012

Opens church in Second Life. ( Holding services in Kaneva & Second Life).


Vision Church still is in Second Life and other virtual worlds.
Vision Church Second Life Logo

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