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We wanted to give you a glimpse of what God has done through our church and your support. We are humbled by the ways in which He has worked, grateful to be a part of His kingdom, and expectant for all the good He is still going to do through our community of faith. We share these statistics and summaries because we believe that it is our responsibility to celebrate what God is doing! We are a people of praise, and we do not want to take for granted the powerful ways in which God is using us to draw people to Himself. Thank you for being a church that celebrates the good. Thank you for being a church that continuously tries new things to bring hope to those who need it. Thank you for giving generously. And thank you for serving wholeheartedly.

Financial Report

For more than ten years, an independent external auditor has been engaged to review the financial numbers of Vision Church. We have listed the last three reports on our website.

It’s a common misconception that Pastor Mullins gets a salary from Vision Church. Pastor Mullins does not receive a salary from Vision Church. In fact Pastor Mullins is not only the largest giver to Vision Church but also to other virtual churches.
Pastor Mullins spoke with Faith 3D Mag in 2020
Mullins explained ” I believe as pastors we should set the prime example for our members. I count it a blessing that God has allowed me to contributed much of my yearly income back to the ministry. The vision our church has is a large one and to some may seem impossible. To make that vision come to life we all must do our part.
Pastor Mullins shared with me that he works over 20 hours a week just for Vision Church. While he runs two large companies and serve on nearly 25 boards.

Debt is not inherently right or wrong. As a matter of fact, we should not even think in terms of debt being right or wrong, but rather we should consider debt in terms of it being wise or unwise. Debt is not just a theological issue, and not just a management issue, but a combination of both. However, the Bible gives solid advice related to borrowing, lending, saving, planning, giving, and repayment (Prov. 24:3-4, 27:23-24, 30:25) and matters related to debt (Ex. 22:14-15; Deut. 15:2-3; 24:10-11, Ez. 18:7-8,16, 33:15). Debt is not described as sinful or disobedient to God in the Bible. However, poorly planned debt can be stifling to a church and its attempt to meet ministry needs.

Pastor Mullins has made it clear that we at Vision Church can do the work of God without debt. To date Vision Church has no debt for our operations cost.


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