Vision Church Ecofriendly?

Here are the steps we have taken to become more environmentally friendly. Our church services are online in a virtual world that hugely in itself is environmentally friendly. Second Life uses amazon servers which is taking more steps to become more ecofriendly. We do not use nearly the same amount of a physical church power and resources for Sunday or weekly services. We all still have a footprint in what we do buy and support. Here are some of the steps we have taken to become more environmentally friendly.

At the start of 2020 Vision Church made the switch from a number of companies who weren’t green companies. Our first switch was our website server hosting company. This switch took us nearly three months to find a hosting company that not only gave us all of our needs but also was environmentally friendly. Our website hosting company takes a number of steps to be eco-friendly, such as partnering with an energy company that uses many renewable methods, and using reclaimed water in its cooling systems.

Another huge switch was our video hosting servers. Vision Church has many hours of services files that dates back to 2008. When we broadcast live and save our files it’s on servers that at times can take many recourses to power. Our new video hosting company is effectively powered entirely by wind energy and solar. It’s effectively offsetting its carbon footprint by 50%.

Vision Church also has teamed up with organizations that shares information about becoming ecofriendly. We also are mindful of doing business with companies that take no steps towards becoming ecofriendly. Our church footprint is a small one, but when we all do our part it makes a huge impact.

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